Thursday, September 5, 2013

Design your own Silk Scarf- this summers backyard Par~tay

I wanted to throw together a little backyard party this past summer just to shower some love on my ladies and enjoy some drinks in this too short lived Jersey summer weather.  I had met a lady at the women's league function who will bring equipment to your home to allow your guests to design their own scarves, so I thought this would be a great addition.
 I bought some cool backyard lighting options from Home Goods (my favorite goods for your home shopping destination)  I found some tea light holders made to slide into old empty wine bottles (scattered around yard) and a few battery based decorations.  Of course I had to have some clever citronella burners as I live behind a baseball field. I ran some white lights around some trees, put out some flowers and boom, little ambiance.
I wanted to have a couple signature drinks and some nosh out as well.  I did a Sushi tray from Wegmans of spicy tuna/avocado and california roll.
This veggie tray with a spicy ranch dip

I made a pasta salad and I have to pause to recognize the cheese.  If you like HOT and I mean HOT, this is for you.  I used it sparingly so people wouldn't be on fire.

Peach Sangria

3 different champagnes with frozen grapes

Everyone was able to pick their own colors based on what they wanted to use their scarf for.  (fall, winter, summer wrap over bathing suit, table) The ladies gave us a demo of how to create designs in the water and were on hand to help with each design.
You add the paint colors  you like to the water, create design, lay scarf...

and voila!

Laying the scarf onto the water, picks up color and design immediately!

I wish I had this at home because there is so much pressure with the first one and now I feel better prepared to design.  Jenn- I am waiting for you to have yours now! I also need to do one with a more fall colored tone.  I tried to get the most out of my summer based colors on my last beach trip as a wrap, but really, that thing doesn't cover much.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Golden Nugget, Atlantic City- not your Grandparents casino anymore

I don't know why it took me so long to check this place out, my brother was recommending it a year ago..but I finally got to Golden Nugget this year.  We decided to celebrate a dear friends birthday in AC and we wanted to make a weekend of it.  A few of us went down earlier in the day to go to this roof top pool that I have been hearing great things about.  It did not disappoint! The seating options and pool were the largest I have seen for a roof pool in AC.  There were also 4 raised jacuzzis (although I couldn't understand the few people who could go in there in 87 degree weather) The roof also has a huge seating area under cover along with a fire pit and two black jack tables. There is a big sign by the towel hut that shows you when massages are going to be available poolside (amazing). I mean really, talk about putting it all out there. And shot girls walk around giving out samples of whatever liquor they are promoting.  We were also approached by someone asking if we had Players Cards for the casino.  Being our first visit, we did not.  They let us know if we sign up right then we would get a free drink ticket for the bar downstairs as well as $10 slot play *I would have signed up for nothing, how convenient.
 I would say beware of the seagulls with your food.  We ordered some chips and salsa and both of us went to the restroom together.  When we returned our towels were covered in specs of salsa and every last chip was gone.  It was like they tried to dip them, successfully.  We went back to the pool the next morning and watched a seagull take an entire bagel when a kid got up to get a towel.  They are hawking!  We did have lunch at a table under the covered area and it is no problem there.
The hotel is off the boardwalk strip but with so many limo services willing to pick you up and take you anywhere for $20, who cares? I would rather travel to the boardwalk in a limo anyway.  It wasn't until I got to my room, which had an amazing view of the pool, that I realized I had missed even more.  Behind the pool was a large green grass area with lots of summer games and room to play.  You could really bring a group here in a cabana and post up all day never wanting/needing to leave.  When we got back from hopping beach bars at night people were still at the pool as there was a DJ.  The vibe wasn't like a club, it was more laid back, just some drinks and gambling on a roof, perfect.  Some pictures of our stay below.
Scene of the seagull crime


Under cover area

View from the room.  Green area has baggo, ladder ball, lounge areas

Panoramic Room View

Waiting on our ride


1st drinks of the night, CHEERS to the BDAY Girl!

Photo Bombed


 I really can't say enough about how much I LOVE the new Hookah lounge on the beach.  This is a great addition to the AC Boardwalk. Walk down the path into the sand but seating space is on large thick white rugs.  We got the large seating area right in front of the DJ, who constantly had Hookah but didn't let that stop him.  Our drinks were STRONG and the owner came over to introduce himself and make sure we had everything we need.  ****4 stars from me.  Besides the more VIP seating areas and bar there are also chairs right in the sand facing the ocean.  Every two have a small table between them to fit the Hookah.  If you go, ask for the pina colada flavor with the fresh pineapple put into the top!

Some lucky soul got the extra long twizz we left behind! 

Rug over sand, everything was so pretty and candles were everywhere.  Great beach ambiance.

Next day was overcast and started to drizzle but we weren't going to let that ruin our fun.  We  jumped into the jacuzzi to wait the rain out then hit the outlets to shop.

Only small negative I can think of is that I am not use to seeing kids at a pool in AC and there were quite a few.  They didn't have a DJ during the day so I imagine that played a part.  Tuesday is industry DJ day all day; I am sure you can avoid it then.
As for the free slot play credits we got at the pool the first day, two of us turned that into $60-$100 the next day and cashed out quickly! Thank you Nugget- we will be back!


I know, I has been over a month! Terribly sorry, but I was soaking up the end of summer with enjoying the beach/weather in every spare moment.  I hope you were doing the same!
JZ/JT Concert *THE concert of the summer!
Amanda & Pauls Engagement Party

Finding best fish Taco at Jays in Ocean City

Shopping w Gals in Stone Harbor
Checking into OC rental and filling fridge to brim!

Loochies 1st visit to wildwood *uncle Bob wins Jersey

Grilling and Grilling and Grilling

Not a summer without Atlantic City
Cascade comes to Revel
Jax Shoot
Jax shoot
Sister gets engaged! Maid of Honor ring

Photo Shoots for Glamour Me Bridal
Shore Games with family/card sharks

Pool Club
SO sad to see summer come to an end, but I do have wonderful news...MY FIRST TRIP TO ITALY IS BOOKED! I have been dreaming about this since I was a little girl and this was very last minute, I had an opportunity and went for it.  The trip is right around the corner and it is opening up a ton of ideas for the blog.  There is so much to discover and report to bring you along.  I will be setting up separate posts for the cities I visit, maybe even individual wineries/castle/major attractions.  This way you can easily navigate to what is most interesting to you and see pictures and hear reviews.  Of course, I will answer any questions you have as well.  I can tell you right now after agonizing over which hotels to choose which airports to fly into and how to designate the days- you will definitely get a "how to plan a first trip" post as well! Count down is on! Can't wait to bring you all the beauty!